Lettuce Eat Catering Brisbane is proud to introduce…

Twee Milne, our resident Catering Specialist

“My love of food goes back a long way. From my earliest memories of cooking with Mum and growing up in an Asian family where it is all about balance of flavour and food from the heart. To working in our Family owned restaurant and serving customers from the age of 14 … I was destined to make my own mark on this industry”.

Since the Family Restaurant I spent 10 years working in the Corporate world always in the area of Customer Service and helping my parents continue their journey of food through food festivals.

Having experienced both worlds of Hospitality and Corporate Service, it became apparent to me that I would be happiest in a career path combining 2 things I love most…. Food and People.

For me, food and people allows me to connect and express myself by creating memorable experiences for people through quality ingredients, attention to detail and excellent customer service….it’s second nature.

Take the time to check out our Catering Menu and the tasty options I’ve created for you. Our menu can be described as East meets West with popular items from Vietnamese Rice paper Rolls to Traditional Gourmet Sandwiches just to name a few.

There is nothing too big or too small so please e-mail or call me to look after your Catering needs.